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Mandalay Canal is home to Las Colinas’s most popular shops and restaurants. Visitors can take advantage of fine dining, casual cafes, and local one-of-a-kinds artisan creations. Meet friends for a gelato, make a reservation for date night, or bring the whole family during the weekend. The options are unlimited against the beautiful backdrop of the canal.

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We partner with entrepreneurs who are interested in establishing a customer base while operating in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Please complete the form below.

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How much does it cost to be a vendor and how do I pay?
Reservations are $40 per Market Day and can be made online at the “Reservations” tab once your application is approved.

When do I reserve my space?
Spaces are to be reserved by Thursday at noon in accordance with the Vendor Guidelines to maximize our marketing efforts.

What products are allowed to be sold?
Products must be handmade, home-grown, or hand harvested. We do not allow resellers, nor MLM (e.g. MaryKay, Scentsy, etc.).

How do I get involved in the Market if I don’t make something?
Become a sponsor! For details, contact us today.

How much can I expect to make as a vendor?
Vendor revenues differ based on the quality of the product, presentation, salesmanship, and consistency. Many vendors generate $500-$1500 per Market.