Vision meets action

Ben's Vision

Ben Carpenter had a vision to recreate the old-world charm of Venice in Las Colinas, building a unique destination to bring our community together.

Community - Giving Back

Attending our events at Mandalay Canal are not only good for the soul and a great way to meet your neighbors, it is also good for the community. Because a portion of our proceeds helps to fund local charities and groups in need.

Our Partners:

Executive Team

We want to make Mandalay Canal the go-to destination for friends and family to gather and experience other cultures through authentic cuisine, entertainment, shopping, and festivals on the backdrop of Venetian-inspired canals. It started with Ben Carpenter’s dream of Italy. We’re here to make it international.

Grady (Buddy) Jordan, Jr.


A family-man with his lovely wife Janet, three children, and eight grandchildren, his service as an elder of First Presbyterian Church, paired with his 45 years of experience as a real-estate investor and developer, made Buddy the ideal fit for envisioning Mandalay Canal as a community destination. As a CEO of Encore Park Dallas, Nova Property, and Ashwood Companies, Inc., and serving on many boards to help our community thrive, he has the experience and understanding to make Mandalay Canal an entertaining destination to spend quality time together.

Muhamad Abdelkader

President & CEO

More than 20-years of business development and management across the U.S. and Middle East have given Muhamad the edge in bringing an authentic, worldly-experience to Mandalay Canal His acumen in quality structure development and delivery with strategic program and risk management experience have earned him the well-suited position leading the company’s management team, strategic operations, and development of Mandalay Canal.

Ray Cerda

Senior Executive Advisor

Spanning over 30-years in municipality government, Ray has served as a former Parks and Recreation Director for the City of Irving, managed 370 employees, and was the city liaison to the Irving Advisory Council on Disabilities, Tree Board, Community Services Committee, and the Youth Advisory Council Board. He oversaw the renovation of the Twin Wells Golf course and updated the Parks and Recreation Master Plan, making him the ideal leader in transforming Mandalay Canal into the outdoor mecca of our community.

Sawsan Abublan

Managing Director

Sawsan transitioned her illustrious career as a pharmacist to living her dream as a successful restauranteur, going from comforting patients to comfort food. Her craving for Mediterranean, a flavor profile still pretty new to Texas, lead to her vision, development, and continued successful management of Shawarma Press. Understanding the needs of the community as a member of the Irving Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce and the Irving Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, she hopes to make Mandalay Canal the ‘river walk of North Texas’ filled with family-friendly attractions for locals and tourists alike.

Mazin Abdelgader

Creative Director

Mazin is a hands-on designer with 10+ years of experience creating strategic concepts and designs for award-winning integrated advertising campaigns. His clients have included exciting brands such as The Washington Post, Porter Novelli, USA TODAY, D.C. United, and Visit Mexico. His globally influenced designs, centered on uncovering latent needs, behaviors, and desires have helped organizations in the public and private sector innovate, connect, and grow.