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Mandalay Canal is home to Las Colinas’s most popular shops and restaurants. Visitors can take advantage of fine dining, casual cafes, and local one-of-a-kinds artisan creations. Meet friends for a gelato, make a reservation for date night, or bring the whole family during the weekend. The options are unlimited against the beautiful backdrop of the canal.

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Below you will find important information that regards your permit with us. Please carefully read the information and click the check box below to agree to our Rules and Regulations and Insurance Requirements for our site.

Rules and Regulations:

  • The following items shall be required for the issuance of a Permit: Completed “Application for Permit” form Download here Signed and Notarized “Agreement and Release of Liability” form Download here Permit Fee Certificate of Insurance (Special Events and Commercial Activity) Detailed Site Plan (Special Events only)
  • All activities must be tasteful, non-disruptive, and in keeping with the general ambiance of Las Colinas. Final approval of activities is at the sole discretion of the Manager.
  • Public address systems or sound equipment may not be used from 7:00am — 5:00 pm Monday through Friday in areas adjacent to businesses or private residences. The District must approve use of these items during other times.
  • The Permittee must in no way interfere with, stage equipment/wardrobe etc. against, loiter adjacent to, or block access to, privately owned properties.
  • The Permittee is responsible for returning the District’s property to its former clean and orderly condition upon completion of approved use period. Failure to comply with this condition will subject the Permittee to reimbursement of such costs that the Manager incurs in cleaning or otherwise returning the property to its previously orderly condition.
  • The displaying, method of hanging, and location of any banner or sign must be approved.
  • Access onto the District’s property by any type of vehicle or heavy equipment must be approved.
  • Any boat or any structure (such as a floating dock, boat trailers, buoys, anchor lines, kayaks, etc.) must be inspected and approved by a District representative. All such items must be power-washed by the Permittee prior to being placed in a Managed waterway. The washing and inspection process are to help prevent any foreign aquatic weed from being introduced into a Managed waterway.
  • Public access areas may not be blocked or restricted.
  • Location of port-o-lets, trash dumpsters, etc., must be approved.
  • The Permittee is solely responsible for the provision of security, if necessary.
  • The Manager will only be involved in the issuance of Permits. The Manager will not be involved in the planning, coordination, or execution of any event.
  • Large scale special events must also receive approval from the Mandalay Canal Special Committee.
  • No public boating or fishing shall be allowed on Managed waterways. Boating or fishing permits will only be issued for approved special events.
  • Mandalay Canal Area: (This section specific to listed area) Click for Map for Map Permits issued for access/use of the Mandalay Canal area are only for the areas marked as “Manager” on the attached map. Use of all other areas must be approved by the appropriate management entity.

Insurance Requirements:

Required for use by commercial entities, special events, and all others so designated by the Manager. Certificate of Insurance in the amounts listed below, showing the District as additionally insured, must be provided.

  • All policies shall be written by companies licensed to do business in Texas and rated by A.M. Best Co. B+ IX or better.
  • All liability policies shall include MANAGER ( “MANDALAY CANAL EVENTS”) as an “Additional Insured” (as that term is customarily defined).
  • Waivers of Subrogation against all Additional Insureds will be required.
  • Minimum of thirty (30) days Notice of Cancellation shall be provided by Insurer.
  • Copies of policies are required.
  • Policies shall be written in occurrence form.
  • General Liability shall include comprehensive form, premises/operations, products/completed operations, contractual, broad form property damage, and personal injury. The combined single limit for bodily injury and property damage shall be a minimum $1,000,000.00.
  • Automobile Liability for any auto shall have a combined bodily injury and property damage minimum limit of $500,000.00.
  • Worker’s Compensation and Employers Liability shall comply with the statutory requirements for the State of Texas.
  • Umbrella Liability shall follow the form of the General Liability and the Employer Liability, the minimum combined single limit for the bodily injury shall be $1,000,000.00.
  • The Permittee must maintain insurance certificates on all Subcontractors. Any Subcontractor without proof of insurance will be immediately removed from the Work by the Permittee.

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